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Results of the 8th Russian Shinkyokushin Championship in the absolute category

Mens 1. Nazar Nasirov 2. Evgeny Otopkov 3. Artem Semenov 4. Maxim Smolyakov 5. Sergey Kuryagin 6. Araslan Jafarov 7. Evgeny Mikhailov 8. Vyacheslav Solovyov Womens 1. Irina Valieva 2. Efrosinya Pavlova 3. Olga Ivanova 4. Ekaterina Fursova Tameshwari 1. Arman Martirosyan 2. Maxim Smolyakov 3. Nazar Nasirov Special prizes For the best technique (men): […]

Fall/Winter Kyokushin 2018: These are the 3 must-watch online

Fall Winter Kyokushin 2018

Summer is over and we’re ready for new Fall/Winter Kyokushin tournaments season. I recommend watching these three tournaments online, but if some more show up with live broadcasting, of course I will share with you. So far these are these:   The 42nd British Open / 10th Cup of Europe – 06 October, 2018 ​Crawley, […]

My Kyokushin Summer

Summer, sun, camps and friends. That’s all in few words. My summer was a real Kyokushin summer with 4 international camps. Here is a short recap of each camp. There will be more video updates soon ;) The most popular and biggest martial arts camps EVER! The 12th KWU International Summer camp 2018 was held […]

European Fullcontact Karate Camp 2019

Next European Full-contact Karate Camp 2019 will be on a new location – the Lake of Butgenbach in Belgium. The dates will be Fri May 31st – Sun June 2nd . All info and the names for next year instructors follow… Check the website: karate-camp.be

Sensei Jonathan Tineo returned the black belt to Shihan Jose Maria Gomez

The story of that black belt… On the last day of the Kumite Summer Camp in Barcelona, ​​after the end of the 51st fight, at the closing ceremony of the camp, Sensei Jonathan Tineo, the organizer of the camp, in front of 280 fighters from around the world, announced the end of his fighting career. […]