4 Social Media Content Ideas that Drive Engagement

This article is mostly copy/paste from socialmediatoday, but edited with only important for Kyokushin,

that will help you to develop you personal profile or your Dojo’s social media presentation.

I use this almost all the time and we can see good results after less a month – more fans, more likes, more shares, more engagement (which is the most important thing at the moment).

The good news is, there are amazing social media content ideas that actually fosters likes, shares, comments, and clicks on your post. Consider mixing these four types in your social strategy to make your posts beautiful and enticing.

I use this almost all the time and we can see good results after less a month Click To Tweet

#1 Your Posts

Blogging is a top strategy to positioning your Dojo as a good place for training. But if don’t have website/blog you can use these two options from Facebook: pictures with text or Note

Also, be sure to tailor your message to the appropriate audience. For example, Facebook is more family and friends oriented whereas LinkedIn is geared towards professionals. Modifying your post accordingly so it speaks to that audience makes your social content effective.

#2 Live-Streaming Video

People are spending 3 times longer watching live content than ones that have been prerecorded. Tools such as Periscope, Instagram Stories, and Facebook Live are generating tons of engagement on news feeds. Brands are leveraging live video to genuinely connect with their followers and significantly build awareness.

Report breaking news, take your followers backstage, invite them to the Dojo…the options are endless when leveraging live streaming video!

People are spending 3 times longer watching live content than ones that have been prerecorded Click To Tweet

#3 Inspirational Content

Everyone loves motivational quotes and messages that inspire people to action. Inspirational content is a big hit on social media for that very reason. Sharing them speaks a lot about your brand and your values. It reveals what moves your team to get up and go every morning to do what you do!


Share quotes that exude your Dojo’s purposing and personality on social media. You can keep it simple by using the same template for your image quotes. Canva is an easy image editing tool for designing your template and adding your text. Also I use Photoshop, Pablo by Buffer, Fotor.

You can use this FB page, but please do not cover any names on collages ;) KYOKUSHIN INSPIRATIONS

#4 Customer Testimonials

Did you know a whopping 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations? Testimonials are huge assets to your strategy as it shows social proof that what you’re doing is working! Followers will be highly convinced to try your training methods or service because of other’s positive experiences.

So on your Facebook page you can use Reviews. First ask your students or their parents to write Reviews. To write words! not only to put stars ;) Do not afraid of bad reviews, you can’t made happy everyone. How to activate? Go to your Facebook page > Settings > Edit Page > Choose the rigth Template > Add Tab > Reviews

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That all for now in July 2017.

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