Additions to the fighting rules for the weight championship of the AKR 2018

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At the presidential council of the AKR (Association of Kyokushin Russia), at the initiative of the Shihan Yury Trutnev, and with the unanimous support of the presidents of the federations of the AKR members, a decision was made to create a working group to amend the Kyokushinkai fighting rules.

The proposed additions to the rules, do not in disagree with the rules used in different years in tournaments held during the life of Sosai Oyama.

The introduction of the proposed changes will be carried out in stages, being tested in real tournaments.

The first test tournament will be the 2nd Weight Championship of the AKR, which will be held June 9-10, 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

We remind you that the catalyst for the changes was the manifestations of skillful simulations at the highest level tournaments, as well as the opportunity to fight and win it, just destroying the opponent’s technique, provoking a violation of the rules.

Therefore, to exclude the simulation and to clarify in complex situations, decisions were made on the test video replay at the request of the judges (this feature is written in the AKP rules, but not previously used). Attention! Repetitions will be for judges and by the decision of the judges, and not to consider the protests!

Also, in order to avoid the “stickiness” of the duel through imitation of close combat and clinch, which often occur on the brink of rules and often turn into direct violations, it was decided to return “Oyama” rules allowing single shocks to break the distance, which will increase the dynamics of the fight.

Supplements to the rules for the 2nd Weight Championship of AKP

  • The current problem is the inactivity of fighters in the clinch

Score in the rules – Warning for pushing techniques*

Changes – In the clinch, allow single push of one, two hands (fist) followed by an attack, or without it.
For a second push without a blow, a warning – keikoku. Further repetitive hitch without punches punish the upward warning system.
Allow to be knocked down with a fist or forearm by the shoulder or body of an opponent.

*Question: so its allowed to push with both hands or single with either open hand or fist

Note – These proposals will not allow the fighters to “stick” to each other at close range. Training fights have shown that if the distance is broken and effectively could develop the attack.

  • The current problem is a blow to the head with a hand

Assessment in the rules – Warning – Chui

Changes – For a purposeful blow to the head to punishment is Genten ichi. In the event of a hit in the head with a slip (the fist moved off the shoulder or off the block), punishment is Chui, but at the same time will be take the doctor’s opinion about the possibility of continuing the fight. Subsequent punches to the head will be punished the upward warning system.

Note – You can decide the outcome of a fight with your hand. The fighter could continue the fight while in a state of knockdown for a while, and therefore can not control the course of the fight and focus on the attacks, so the doctor must decide whether to continue the fight or stop it.

  • The current problem is the sweeps(ashi barai) with and without finishing

Rating in the rules – Not yet rated

Changes – Technical advantage.

Note – Fighter fallen to the floor, fighter fallen on his back is already in a losing situation, lost the stand and, if necessary, can be beaten by an opponent.

*Question so is this a scoring advantage and does there need to be a follow up.

  • The current problem is the fighter fall from an opponent’s strike

Rating in the rules – Not yet rated

Changes – Technical advantage.

Note – Fighter fallen to the floor, fighter fallen on his back is already in a losing situation, lost the stand and, if necessary, can be beaten by an opponent.

  • The current problem – Video repetition (not all tournaments have video)

Evaluation in the rules – Disputes

Changes – By decision of the members of the Referees, as well as the referee on the tatami have the right to view the video. 2-4 cameras. The picture should be available very quickly.

Note – Viewing a video (if necessary) will remove questions in controversial situations.

  • The current problem – Exit from tatami

Evaluation in the rules – Jogai

Changes – The first exit is the Jogai, the second – Keikoku, the third – Chui. In some cases, when the athlete purposefully (clearly) avoids the fight by going out for the tatami, the judges can immediately punish – Chui.

Note – When a fighter moves beyond the tatami, he can not hold back the opponent’s pressure, gives up part of his territory, the exit for the tatami can drag out time, avoiding the fight by getting out of the tatami.

There is some questions and not actually clear things but we will wait till the test tournament and official document after that.

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