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26th All Japan old new videos

1994 the 26th All Japan Open Championship. Many of the legendary profiles attended and fought each other on the tatami: Kenji Yamaki, Hiroki Kurosawa, Norchika Tsukamoto, Nicholas Pettas, Hajime Kazumi and more… Here is some new videos from  Kyokushin Karate Youtube channel. Big Thank you! Big Osu!! Norichika Tsukamoto VS Hiroyuki Mogi Kenji Yamaki VS Norichika Tsukamoto Norichika Tsukamoto VS Yasuhiro Shichinohe […]

BG team for EC Georgia 2016

EC 2016 Adults: Violeta Litovska -50Kg Ivelina Petrova 50-55Kg Ivanka Deleva +60Kg Iliyan Hristozov -65Kg Georgi Lotarov -65Kg Hristo Aleksandrov 65-75Kg Antonio Bushev 65-75Kg Lachezar Dimitrov 65-75Kg Miroslav Milev 75-85Kg Valeri Dimitrov +85Kg Juniors: Iliana Aladzhova -50Kg Kristiyana Laleva 50-55Kg Aleksandar Kostadinov -60Kg Dzhaner Shyukri 60-65Kg Iliyan Yunakov 60-65Kg Preslav Nikolov 70-75Kg Hristo Karamfilov +80Kg […]


By Justin Dixon Respect can be a difficult thing to actually describe. If you take a literal interpretation it means to offer an individual, a place, or even a thing, a positive feeling of esteem or deference and then conveying this feeling in certain actions, words, or gestures. But where does it fit in on […]