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In short, no. Being a top competitor does not make you a top instructor. I realize this is going to step on a lot of people’s toes. There are plenty of examples of top competitors who are also great instructors whom people will defend. But, there are also a lot of top-tier fighters who are absolutely […]

Videos with József Stefanovics sensei

József Stefanovics

One of my favorite coaches is József Stefanovics sensei from Hungary. He impressed me as a very dedicated and emotionally connected with fighters on the tatami. His club Victory Martfu have well maintained YouTube channel and here’s some interesting videos from the recent past.

10 tips for safe stretching

Stretch for 10 minutes every day. Regular stretching improves your balance, strength and flexibility. Get advice to avoid injury. Check with your doctor or health professional before stretching if you have an injury, are unsure of how to stretch properly or have had a previous injury. Warm up your muscles before stretching. Try 10 minutes […]

How Karate Can Help With Meditation

Although the ancient origins of karate are somewhat unclear to us,The one thing I can tell you,is that about 1400 years ago,while teaching at the Shaolin Temple in China,Daruma Daishi used techniques that were similar to karate.Later these techniques developed into forms of karate known as Shaolin Boxing. You need a clear mind to use […]