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Ultimate truths for (almost) every martial artist: 1. You have been so nervous before the fights that you couldn’t feel your arms. 2. You have also been so nervous that you seriously considered breaking your finger or leg on purpose to avoid competing. 3. Almost nothing can even compare with the feeling when you are standing […]

Kyokushin Dojo Oath (English, Bulgarian and Japanese)

The Kyokushin dojo kun was written by Mas Oyama with the help of Eiji Yoshikawa, the author of Musashi, a book about the life and times of Japan’s greatest warrior, Miyamoto Musashi. The book provided much of Mas Oyama’s inspiration during his mountain training days. Saying the dojo kun can be difficult for those who […]

“Because it’s 2015″*

Please do not take this as a feminist speech! Read words as they are. Recent months have been filled with so much emotion around large international tournaments. The Kyokushin Women page paid attention to a difference in the size of the trophy for men and women. This has been the way for a long time, but recently the new […]

Quotes of the Month

Usually I post my collages as “Quotes of the Week”, but not today! Today I want to share with you the words of Sensei Harris Wallmen – If you have never read his words, you are really missing something. If I call him “Wise”, he replies: “No, I’m stupid”. If I call him Sensei, he […]