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How to clean a Karate Dogi

Kyokushin Karate Dogi (or only Gi) is the open jacket, drawstring pants and a belt worn during karate practice and competition. They’re usually made of bleached or non bleached cotton. Cleaning them takes a bit more time than washing other workout gear due to the crisp material. Keeping your gi clean and neat helps you show respect to […]

5 Underrated Reasons You Should Pick Up a Martial Art

“Why study a martial art?” is a question that has many answers. The benefits of the training are widely touted and the popularity of mixed martial arts has brought new insight and perspective to the arts. In my years of participating and coaching in boxing and the martial arts, I’ve heard about every reason a […]

12 Things Professional Martial Arts Instructors Don’t Do

by Dave Kovar  We often talk about all the things that we should do to be the best Professional Martial Arts Instructor possible.  There are, however, at least twelve things that we want to avoid doing. Here they are: Don’t Argue. Logic and emotion are like oil and water; they don’t mix. Generally speaking, when […]


TAMESHIWARI (breaking) cannot be separated from Karate as a whole. When speaking of Karate, people generally associate Karate with Tameshiwari, believing that the value of Karate exists in Tameshi­wari skill and expertise. However, actually Karate’s true value exists in technique, the arts, and spirit, not in Tameshiwari. Breaking is only a part of Karate and […]

Българските бойци на 11-я световен карате шампионат

На 31-ви Октомври и 1-ви Ноември в Токио, Япония е 11-то Световно карате първенство (без категории) където ще имаме силно българско присъствие. Ето и нашите бойци: Валери Димитров (в жребия под номер 1) Сенсей Валери е 15 пъти Европейски шампион – 12 по категории и 3 в абсолютна (без категории). През 2013 след Световната купа, […]

Why Martial Artists Are The Most Awesome People

The longer you practice Martial Arts, the more changes you see in yourself: mental, physical, spiritual, emotional changes — and before you realize it, you’ve become a completely different person. You are now ready to take on any challenge life throws at you. This is what makes martial arts and those who practice it so […]