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Lithuanian championship 2015 (video&pictures)

This weekend the Lithuanian organization held their National Championship. One of the strongest Kyokushin nations in Europe has a high level on their Championship, and in the finals several European Champions meet to be the Lithuanian champion Photos by © Algimantas Barzdžius Watch the video from semifinals and finals

Valeri Dimitrov vs. Donatas Imbras

Two of the best fighters in the world, teaching the new generation of Lithuanian fighters in 2007 Valeri Dimitrov and Donatas Imbras. This videos are 5 years after the European Openweight 2002. They’ve met only once on competitions tatami. Watch the video   Links: Valeri Dimitrov Sensei’s Facebook page Budora’s Facebook page


TimePRO.TV (Producer center “Time Production”), together with Peti Junior, IKO Sosai Hungary, IKOK Sosai Japan and personally Kikuko Kuristina Oyama and Kancho Yoshikazu Suzuki presented  «THE KYOKUSHIN WAY», in memory of the founder of Kyokushin Karate Sosai Mas Oyama. The shooting took place in Japan (Tokyo). In Mas Oyama dojo with the personal approval of the […]

Norichika Tsukamoto’s videos

Two times World Champion, known for his revolutionary and progressive fighting style. He alone has given Full Contact Karate modified ways of thinking and new performing techniques. Videos by WKO SHINKYOKUSHINKAI 新極真会 Videos from Videos from Official Facebook page 

Valeri Dimitrov’s fights

Sensei Valeri Dimitrov: 3-times World champion in weight categories; 3-times European champion in open weight; 13-times European champion in weight categories… The star of Bulgarian karate, one of the best in World. He is known for his humble and quiet appearances and his extremely effective fighting style. Valeri Dimitrov – an ordinary man with extraordinary achievements. […]