Friday FUN: Earn Your Black Belt In Just 12 Months???

The Internet is full with s*** … you all know what

I mean! I saw this: Earn Your Black Belt In Just 12 Months!   What is this? Another s*** website. 

We all know this is not possible for real Martial Artist to earn Black Belts for 1 year! On other way, this is possible in USA, because people make money from air. So this is new opportunity and people like this make a lot of money.

Don’t blame them…. just kick their asses and asses of their “students” because everyone know that is NOT possible to learn martial art online.

I’m not share link to his/her/their website because you will click on link and will help them with web traffic and will help Google to recognize this s***web as good place. Just will see this (No Like the page) see his/her/their publications…