EUROPEAN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP – 2018 for U16, U21 and Adult Open


One of the most anticipated events for Shinkyokushin is EUROPEAN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP for U16, U21 and Adult Open

and will take place on 23-24 November 2018, Friday and Saturday, in the city of Budapest, Hungary.

On Sunday, 25 November, there will be also kumite seminar with European and World Champion-coaches. This seminar is open to all organizations and allows international participation. The invited instructors* are: Tsuyoshi Midori, Muzaffer Bacak, Paulius Klapatauskas, Valeri Dimitrov, Istvan Bodi.

There are 422 participants registered for the tournament. The most interesting are Men and Women Open categories: Women’s category with 36 strong and well known names, Euro and World champions. In men division are 44 with  6 Lithuanians, 6 Polish, 5 Ukrainian and 3 Bulgarian fighters well known names and the star of Bulgarian karate: Valeri Dimitrov. Here you can see all names. I wish good luck to all! Osu!

I really hope there will online broadcasting and will share with you the news about it.

*Invited instructors means Invited, not 100% will participate, I think.