EC Denmark 2017 – pictures, pictures, pictures

European championship was held in Roskilde, Denmark over week ago and passions still not fade.

Respectively they are fueled with the photos that were made by some of the best Kyokushin photographers that I know. It is difficult to choose, but here are the most touching pictures and links to the albums in Facebook. Thank you to this amazing senseis and photographers! Every time they seal the moments with a passion typical of a karateka. Osu!

Photographer Annika Peterson

European Championship Denmark 2017 pictures

Sensei Annika photo page ► PhotographerAnnikaPeterson

 Pictures from Sensei Piotr Sztencel

Album 1 / Album 2 / Album 3

Facebook page ►


and Sensei Tamás Fekete

And album Juniors and Adults KATA 

And last but not least… Oliver Sperling.

He uploaded pictures on EC 2017 Facebook group here ► EC 2017 DENMARK

Have fun and do not forget to comment and share pictures! Osu!