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Elite Martial Arts Richmond is pleased to announce that the Summer Camp will be running this year as normal for the 8th year.

Dates: August 29th – September 5th, Sandanski, Bulgaria


It is a great opportunity for you to leave your busy daily life and spend a week full of Physical and Mental Challenges,

Great Food, Amazing Weather, Lots of Laughter, Training under Top Instructors, Meeting Great Athletes and Making new Friends.

The camp is 1 week long and there will be no 2 days the same – a minimum of 3 sessions per day (Karate, MMA, Boxing,
Kickboxing, Cross-fit, outdoor sessions) combined with a Healthy &  Tasty Food, Amazing Spa to recover between sessions,

Swimming pools with Natural Mineral Water and a choice of great Activities like Shooting, rafting, Mountain Hike, Natural
Mud bath with Healing Volcanic Water, Visits to some historical sites, Beach Trip to Greece and many more.


You do not need to be a professional Athlete to join the Camp. You just need to have the passion to learn, train and give
100% of yourself, together with a positive attitude and a Big Smile.

Besides the countless Kyokushin sessions (most of them led by my very first Kyokushin teacher and one of the best
Martial Arts Instructors I know), we will also train with some of the top boxing, wrestling and MMA Instructors in Bulgaria.

Some of the sessions will be together with the local Kyokushin, Wrestling and MMA team. There will also be some
Kickboxing sessions mainly focused on technical development.

The Summer Camp is a great opportunity to work with Inexperienced and new students as we will have plenty of time to
practise all aspect of Karate. We focus on technical details and Fighting Strategies together with conditioning and
stamina. The Warm weather is also a perfect opportunity to work on your flexibility and endurance.

For the professional athletes there are extra Sparring sessions with some of the best Pro Fighters in Bulgaria where we
extensively work on Kumite.

The camp will also be a preparation for British Open Kyokushin Knockdown Tournament (the biggest and most
prestigious Kyokushin tournament in UK).

Full information and prize you can download HERE: SUMMER-CAMP-2018-BULGARIA-2