2nd Kyokushin trip! Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania for the European Karate Championship among men and women i weight categories – one of the main events of European Karate Organization – EKO for 2019. Next European Championship among cadets, juniors, U21 and Women selection in Open weight category for at least 6 more female fighters to the World Championship in November 2019. The Championship will be held on June 27-29 in Prague, Czech Republic.

I begin with gratitude to the organizers of Lithuania Kyokushin Karate Federation and the European Karate Organization for the invitation and the possibility to be a witness to amazing kata performances and fights – the elite of European karate. It was an incredibly emotional and successful weekend. Domo arigatou gozaimasu! Osu!

Lithuania hosts always had a reputation for excellent organization and this time they not betrayed our expectations. Everything was well organized and tidy, and the sports hall Siemens Arena was the right place for us. If you remember in 2013 at the same place was held our Karate World Cup. Now I watch the record and everything that I have not seen confirms my opinion that it was a very high level tournament as organization and mostly as a fullcontact fights. I can not mention how happy and proud I am of the successes of Bulgarian fighters, but also I congratulate each and I’m happy for all fighter because this is us: a family that supports and respects.

And here is the moment to paste message from Shihan Koen Spitaels that he wrote on his FB profile: Read the official report of the very well organized EC Shinkyokushin Lithuania and the future developments of World Fullcontact Karate Organization WFKO. In May 2020 WFKO will organize a big World Championship in Tokyo for all Fullcontact Karate organizations. This WC will be organized just before the Olympic games start in Tokyo. In WFKO there are more then 300 organizations and they work together with KWU so nearly all organizations will be present at this, why not, unofficial Olympic World Fullcontact Karate Championship. Soon we will announce more news about the selection tournament for Europe. Osu, stay active and tuned!

Now, we have a lot of work in the promotion and development of fullcontact karate. Plans are drawn and moving forward. Expect great tournaments and camps. A big camp will be the 2nd European Fullcontact Karate Camp 2019. Participants from all organizations are welcome, starting from the age of 12. The camp is a collaboration between all Fullcontact Karate Organizations and styles to give our karatekas the chance to train to each other and to enjoy the power of unification.

During the EC 2019 weekend was held several meetings and one of them was very important: European Karate Organisation EKO chose the new President and updated the Board members for next 4 years – 2019-2023. Congratulations! Osu!

Also, the meeting between WKO and KWU was held and the two organizations solidified cooperation and new plans were drawn. And we saw a small KWU team from Belarus who performed well in the tournament but unfortunately without a medals on the end. I believe that in this mandate of EKO board, there are possible new developments, such as the participation of Russia in a European karate championship. We live in a world where many borders are just lines on the map, and a participation of strong Russian fighters will only raise the level of fullcontact karate in Europe.

On the end I thank to KumiteTechnoly team and Roman Odessky Kyokushin Karate News – 極真空手 ニュースfor the wonderful time and funny moments! I think we’ve done a good job, I look forward to the next tournament with you all…

Thank you for reading this report,