Favorites for the Shin EC 2018, in my opinion

I have not been writing for a long time, but I needed some rest and resetting the systems;) I’m back and let the fun begin…

Perhaps the most important championship of Shinkyokushin Europe (EKO) European Championships for juniors, men and women in weight categories will be held on 11-12 May – 394 fighters from 28 countries and Special Guest President of WKO Shihan Kenji Midori!
I have the honor of being a very small part of the media team and you will see many things on my  Facebook pages from this unique event in Wroclaw, Poland.
A little deviation: why again Poland? Soon Poland will host a WKO World Championship in weight categories in 2021 and to iron out all the things they “train as hosts” ;) the idea is super and I believe in the success of the venture.
Now again for the tournament: for me personally, the most interesting will be the performance of Valeri Dimitrov. It’s no secret that he got the injury in the semifinals in Denmark last year and finished in third place, again without being beaten at European level. In every category, we will have the opportunity to see fights that could not have happened in the past years. I’m not going to parse categories, this you can see on haukis.com. I will only mention the fighters who need to keep track and they are my favorites for medals:
  • Kostadinov Aleksandar, Kozubowski Konrad, Stupets IhorZinchenko Andrei in M -65kg
  • Dimitrov Lachezar, Guliyev Nail, Lamot IgorSuciu George, Sutkus Domas in M -75 kg.
  • Dimitrov Valeri, Hasanov SalahatKvietka Justinas, Odzeniak Marek, Popovics Tamas in M -85 kg.
  • Allan Fady, Agalaroglu Etibar, Mazur Maciej in M -95 kg.
  • Gužauskas EventasJakobsen Brian, Klibavičius Antanas, Margarint Dorin in M +95 kg.
Through the blog break I paid a little more attention to female fighters and I would mention that, according to my humble opinion here, we will have surprises like last year in Denmark, and women are no longer as uninteresting as 3-4 years ago. Will definitely delight the eye. Here are my favorites for medals:
  • Cardenosa Eider, Litovska Violeta, Malikowska Paula in W -50 kg.
  • Kriščiūnienė DaivaVenckutė Skaistė, Veronika Nemeth in W -55 kg.
  • Lubos Marta, Mikštaitė IngaLeiter Anett in W -60 kg.
  • Deleva IvankaGudeliauskaitė GabijaMerca Andreea, Meškauskienė Aneta, Wallin Cecilia in W -65 kg.
  • Gustaitytė Brigita, Hägge Sara, Ryžkovaitė MonikaMerca AndreeaWiniarska Agata in W +65 kg.

I believe that this year the draw will not be like last year in Denmark ;)

I wish success to everyone, Ganbatte Kudasai!