My 2019 Kyokushin trips begin with Moscow weekend. I was invited by Shihan Karen Gyadukyan to annual 100 fights marathon in honor of passing Hyakunin Kumite test by Tariel Nikoleishvili (26.04.2014)

First meeting and impressions of Seiken Dojo royalties: Shihan Karen Gyadukyan, Sensei Anastasia Khripunova, Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili 

We know that 18 European titles of Sensei Valeri Dimitrov are HUGE achievement but what do you think about 11 (!) World titles, 17-times Russian Champion and few European titles of Sensei Anastasia Khripunova, ah? She’s so humble and calm… it was obvious he likes to teach children and they will be future champions.

Sensei Tariel Nikoleishvili… absolutely amazing! Charismatic and funny guy. Whatever I say will be not enough. He’s just Tariel – a man with a big heart and strong punches and kicks! Roman Odessky and I had the honor to celebrate Tariel’s birthday with his family. Тhank you Nikoleishvili family for hospitality and delicious dinner. Happy birthday again and big hug from me.

Shihan Karen Gyadukyan… if you’ve never met him and communicated with him, you’ve missed a lot. He switches from Shihan Gyadukyan to Karen, the funny guy in seconds. We really had a lot of fun. At the same time he is someone who exudes respect, he is strict but fair. He built Seiken Dojo from a neighborhood school to one of best Dojos in the world and he taught his students to discipline and respect. Modest as a man and at the same time proud of the achievements of his students. He is not ashamed to admit that he has never been very successful as a fighter, but for our generation, he is really one of the most successful coaches – creator of champions. Big Osu! And if you don’t know he speaks English чуть-чуть.

Now about the event: 100 fights marathon in honor of passing the Hyakunin-Kumite test by Tariel Nikoleishvili: 212 Strong karatekas participated this year. Not like previous years but this is not surprise for us. As you know there was big changes for Seiken club last December. But future is bright and they are ready for new challenges.

I had listened some stories and saw little information about this challenge before, and now I was there. Seeing 12-13 year old karatekas in battles as for the last time, that definitely could raises our spirit.  On event was two groups from 6 y.o. up to 13 y.o. and Juniors 14-18 y.o plus Adults 18 + As a rule: everyone can participate and check the spirit and fighting level.

As a woman I’m proud that a total of 5 girls finished this strong challenge – 3 girls from children group and 2 from second group. That was 5 strong young girls and women – they fought to the last on a par with men. Congratulations, super girls! As final result: from kids group 12 finished all 100 fights, from second group 14 – 10 adults and 4 juniors. Congratulations to all participants. I’m sure you did your best! Osu!

Btw on the end of day Roman and I felt like after a two-day tournament…

Next year: I could give you 2 million… uhhh reasons to take a part in this challenge next April 2020 at Moscow Center of Martial Arts but I’m sure you starting make plans. I promise you that you will regret if you miss the chance to fight with one of the greatest names in Kyokushin. Will be unforgettable event! Friends, get ready for more from SC Seiken… they are going to be better, bigger and stronger than ever. And most important is that they are happy kyokushin people!

And now Thank you notes:

Thank you, Shihan Karen and SC Seiken for this amazing weekend! See you soon! Osu!

Thank you, Roman for all you’ve done for me. Our job as Kyokushin ambassadors is to spread the news and to share our passion and I think you did great job!

The report was inspired by Shihan Karen G, and all people, old and new friends that I saw this weekend. Osu! Forever


SC Seiken
The wall at Seiken’s fitness

Kyokushin Stormtroopers

Happy Birthday, Tariel
The Force is strong with those girls!

The Force is strong with those women!

SC Seiken first dojo
In front of Treasures