IFK WORLD TOURNAMENT 2017 – final countdown

ifk final countdown

The 5th IFK World championship will be one of biggest tournament for this year!

And final countdown began…

The registration of teams is over on time and we can see very familiar names on fighters lists. This championship will be test for WKO fighters who will participate on the 6th World weight championship in Kazakhstan on July 1-2 this year. For other will be one big World championship where to test itself.

With social networking options, this event can be one of the most popular on social networks, not just because of the team that works to promote the event, but because of some things it does for the first time. One of the new things is Online Vote for favorite 4 fighters on each category. Polls started with Cadets, on next day added U21 and after that day by day will be added Men and Women – the most interesting part of tournament.

And before you to ask: yes, there will be online broadcasting. Click To Tweet

Let us look briefly list of names. The most popular category is Men -70 with 40 (!) fighters and we can see many popular names: Ivan Komanov, Khasai Magomedov, Sergey Chmunevich, Marsel Mansurov, Serzh Solomonian, Daniel Redondo and more and more… People, here we will watch amazing fights! Honestly, it’s hard to pick only 4 favorites. Next category is -80 kg. with 35 fighters from all over the world even from Brazil and Zimbabwe. Men’s Heavyweight is with 37 fighters and also with familiar names as:  Stefan Hofer, Kamil Maras, Igor Riadnov, Emanuel Lebo, Jonas Rosin, Dmitry Sikorski, Zsolt Zsiga, Eldar Ismailov, Marek Wolny, JP Jacquot, Kristiyan Doychev and more… Here is also very difficult to pick only 4. And Men’s Super Heavyweight is with 27 guys (only ;), and each of them have real chance to be on winners podium. Good luck to all!

And what about the Women division… with this two categories -60 with 26 names and +60 with 20 names. For me is like Almost_Absolute_Open championship. Just look at the names: Irina Valieva, Anna Efremova, Emma Markwell, Lilla Herczeg, Anett Leiter, Marta Lubos, Eszter Kovács in LW. Anna Vishnyakova, Anzhelika Sabaeva, Maria Panova, Samantha Williams, Anna Ulybina, Agata Winiarska, Anna Bojda in HW… Although I do not like watching women fights, I think this time I must do it. Here is more easy for me to pick 4 from each category and I hope my favorites win. Good luck to all!

And while I write, the organizers published the final numbers: 404 Fighters from 40 countries, 69 teams, 14 organisations! I think this is some kind of record, but must check the Kyokushin Results Webpage 

And before you to ask: yes, there will be online broadcasting. Where and how I will write from the event venue.

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