IFK World Championships are tournaments with history.

See here…The 1st IFK World Weight – 1997, Moscow, Russia; The 2nd IFK World Weight Category Championships – 2002, Valencia, Spain;  The 3rd IFK World – 2005, London, England; The 4th IFK World – 2013, Crawley, England and now The 5th IFK Kyokushin World Championship will be held on May 27-28, 2017 in beautiful Sibiu, Romania. 

The 5th IFK Kyokushin World Championship is an KNOCKDOWN TOURNAMENT OPEN for all Kyokushin organisations.

Competitors must represent their national federation and they must have minimum 2 years experience in Knockdown Karate! ► ifkworldtournament2017.ro

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The registration started and we can see very familiar names. This championship will be test for WKO fighters who will participate on the 6th World weight championship in Kazakhstan on July 1-2 this year. This test will be good for them, but also is good for IFK because with all this names, the championship will become very very interesting and fights will be on high level. I hope the judges also will on high level ;) Team registration is not finish, fighters and coaches have time till April 21st.

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