International open tournament “Zhetysu Cup”

The Open tournament  «Zhetysu Cup»  ShinKyokushinkai

among children, boys and girls will be held on the 27-28 of April 2019  at the The Palace of Sports”Zhastar”,  Taldykorgan city, Republic of Kazakhstan

General management and organization of the tournament are carried out by Department physical culture and sport  in Almaty region , the administration  relies on Regional federation of  ShinKyokushinkai karate Taldykorgan city.

The Principal judge of tournament: Gabbassov R.  5-Dan (Russia)
The assistant of Principal judge: Demidov S.  4- Dan (Kasakhstan)
Principal secretary of tournament: Betirova Z. 4-Dan (Kasakhstan)
The Headmaster: Anishchenko A. 2-Dan (Kasakhstan)

The teams of ShinKyokushinkai karate and other organizations are allowed to participate in the tournament in a case of following the ShinKyokushinkai WKO rules;

The team’s line up is not limited;

Submit the entry form with the information about correct weight and age of the sportsmen in advance till  20 April 2019.

Tel/fax: 8(7282) 25-42-76, е-mail:

Responsible for distribution:  Rafael  Raimanov   +7 777 724 44 01 Aleksandr Anishchenko   +7 705 219 40 27

Principal secretary of tournament: Betirova Z. email: WhatsApp.: +7 (778) 444 66 44

This document is the official invitation for thre tournament.

International open tournament Zhetysu Cup