KWU posted Guidelines for participants at the 4th KWU World Championship which will be held on December 7-8, 2019, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. That guideline contains some very interesting information. Prize funds for the winners. $ 90 000 will be shared between 60 fighters – 36 male and 24 female winners in each category. There is no difference between the two genders and how many participants are in the category. The prizes are as follows:

1st place $ 3000; 2nd place $ 1500; and 2 third places of $ 750 each

For the first time, KWU will be giving such a prize in a World Championship, and this is already the 4th edition in adult divisions.

Let me remind you that WKO Shinkyokushinkai gives 1 million Japanese yens (almost 8 300 euro) to a man and a 500 000 Japanese yens to a woman, which are the winners (only 1st places) in the Absolute Championship. This year’s edition of the WKO World karate championship will be held a month before that of the KWU. The difference between the money for the man and the woman is big here.

One more interesting fact! KWU also give a cash award to another event: SENSHI fight gala. I remind you that the summer edition of Senshi was only by KWU Professional league fight rules and for the win was 1000 euros, for loss 500. Now the 4th edition of SENSHI is coming to Varna, Bulgaria and there will certainly be financial stimulus again.

Read the opinion of Shihan David Pickthall (IFK Vice President and KWU Executive Committee member)

Although not all leaders agree with the inclusive of money for Kyokushin events, I must applaud the KWU in its move to offer such a large prize fund for a multi weight event.

The KWU once again leads the way showing equality within gender that will attract the ever growing population of female participants to its championships.

Our athletes prepare to the highest standards and sacrifice their lives in the pursuit of excellence within their art.

Many fighting arts have financial reward, it does not devalue the competition but reflects the changing climate within the world of sport.