First I think it’s time to write it: no, I have not left Shinkyokushin.

I just do not consider myself as a part of the Bulgarian Federation anymore. I’m a freelancer from years and as a karateka I help those who respect me and my work in Social networks. That’s it, I said it, I wrote it. Thanks.

Now for the event of the season: KWUCAMP 2017! The summer camp of Kyokushin World Union – KWU hosting by Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation – BKKF.

I as part of the KWU Media team was 2 times invited by the hosts and I attended this year (last year I didn’t for family reasons). This 2017 year many of us will remember as the year of this record in Kyokushin’s summer camps with over 1200 participants from 24 countries.

There were a lot of events – different training sessions, a soccer tournament, a professional Kyokushin tournament, an international tournament for youths up to 21 years old, boating and yachting, many friends – old and new, lots of emotions and a lot of work for me. I am personally delighted with the organization of the events on the camp and also from the sports base. There is always something more to be desired, but overall the camp was excellent. 

I am happy with the attitude of the people and how our small Bulgaria has such an organization that cares about its karatekas as royalty. How this organization managed to host two tournaments during the camp and prepare great prizes for young people: Samsung Galaxy mobile phones (latest models, I saw J5  model) and an iPad tablet for the special 4 awards. All participants received also plaques for participation.

Here I will quote Sensei Sergey Plekhanov, whom I met and shared time with him: What the organizers made for us here at the camp – the invitation, the attention, the respect, the base – this our country [Russia] did not. Thanks.

And we know how much Russia takes care of its athletes. But this time a small Bulgaria did more, thanks to BKKF.

They had provided luxury cars with drivers for the special guests, and the transfers from Kamchia to the airports were free, and for the Bulgarian clubs were free of charge all transport and some things more :) I was in a 4* hotel with a pool, delicious cuisine and terrible internet (a major problem in my life almost always). I had access to all events, and it was given me full freedom of action and I was using it for good. Thanks a lot for that.

I tell you everything was on a very high level. Whoever has not come can only regret it. But there is a chance next year, because the organizers want the next 2018 to be double – participants, countries, World, European, Russian champions and instructors… And I wrote instructors ….let me share this unique part. I personally did not manage to count the winners and champions from World and European Kyokushin tournaments, but believe me, they was a looooot! And we had the opportunity to train on the leadership of big names in Kyokushin: Shihan Andre Drewniak, Shihan David Pickthall, Senseis Sergey Plekhanov, Dmitry Saveliev, Zahari Damyanov, Stilyian Petrov, Alexandra Marinova, Stanislava Boycheva, Komanovi brothers, Danaila Cherneva, Daniela Dineva. Also Shihan Nikolay Rachev – as a bonus instructor for the male fighters and the surprise of the camp: Shihan Alexey Gorokhov, who is just unique. There is more names, I do not mention them, but each one of them deserves gratitude for shared experience. Osu!

Some little things was not good:

  • Internet for my work. I used my personal mobile internet and because of lack of good network in Kamchia, live broadcasting was not possible, or it was with bad quality. Sorry.
  • Some karatekas did not participate on Kyokushin training. They prefer to go on the beach or to take part most of the other type of training. From every person on this planet you can learn something, even small thing… we are Kyokushin, right?
  • On exam, on second part – kumite – you, guys did not show us your 100%. And the Kyokushin world saw it. BUT I know the truth – this is your second part of exam for new black belts degrees. The cruel and difficult one took place before the camp. Now it was just the final part of 2 hours. But we did not know that and we did not like the kumite part much. Still, you all presented yourself very well!

I do not think there is anything to add. Everything was extremely well … hopefully next year, I will back there, and again will have that emotion. I thank the BKKF for invitation, thanks for the opportunity to be there and to show some of the possibilities of social networks. Osu! also BIG Congratulations to all for the new grades! Osu!

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Cover picture by KWF Iran

Thanks for reading…