KWUCHAMP 2017: the level is high!

kwuchamp 2017

Many people asked me to write a review of the KWU World championship and since I have hours on the plane to kill, this is what happened.

Let’s look at the tournament by points:

Time to be excited!

And so … we were delighted. Mr. Sergey Suvorov told me several times: “Nadia, this is going to be the best championship we ever made. We have a double team, we have a great design team with a lot of ideas, and we’ve executed all of them.” I did not believe something could impress me more than the opening in Khabarovsk 2015, but here it happened as we saw.

Why I Was There

Regarding the task of promoting the championship on the Internet, I think we have done very well as a team!

Analysis of the figures for the two days shows it! And with a base of just over a 1 million Facebook fans of martial arts, with a possible internet connection, but mostly with quality team, things are amazing.

Let’s tell the who, what and how… Andrey Kurtiy, the commentators Viktor Rozhkov, Andrey Tsyganov, Denis Gusev and online broadcasting with Roman Dzhabelov and Match.TV, Photographers Oleg Bessudov and Andrey Kurtiy of course. My task was as usual Social networks and the official website. What more to say… super team makes a super tournament ;) Naturally, I believe that we always can do more and believe that in the future it is possible. For example, we have 2 years for the next KWU championship!

What was unique and for first time: We broadcast the Judicial Seminar, which was not very popular among the fans, but it was good and I am proud that I had the opportunity to do it! As always, I had full freedom and full access to every event and meeting. For the first time in the history of the kyokushin tournaments, the draw was broadcast online on @KWUnion Facebook page. As the KWU leaders say: we are open to everyone and everything, and we have nothing to hide. My modest opinion is that there was a well-balanced draw, in which each participant had the chance to stand out and continue to fight till finals as we saw. And there were such surprises, too.

About the Tournament:

The branding of the arena was unique!! It was cozy and beautiful. The hall itself and the corridors were in the beads of our poster, and the huge vinyls outside did not go unnoticed. Advertising throughout the city, the press conference with the leaders of the Org, the promotion of the championship in all media, everything was excellent, as it should be! Official Opening ceremony: Unique! High-level artists, great … like the opening of the Olympics.

For judges with love

The attention and care received by officials, including judges, was again on high level. Аs always the attention to judges was like royalties: location of hotels, food, gifts: branded watches and personal t-shirts; souvenirs and all that was they needed.


And now I can’t not miss Nikita Sveshnikov’s KumiteTechnology

I was skeptical… I still remember “that draw: Ilas / Vangelov” in spring, but now I had the opportunity to look at Kumite Technology in more details and see how magic happened.

I am delighted with Nikita’s professional attitude and patience – he answers on every question and I believe that no such thing like in spring will happen. But let it be clear! “That draw” was not because of the software, it was just stupid rules and stubbornness, and ego for people.

Nikita, thank you for the professionalism and I’m glad we worked together, exchanged ideas, shared analytics, drank beer. I will be more than thrilled when we meet in another big Kyokushin forum in the future.

This was a paid publication! Guarantor: Alexej Sveshnikov, Price: 1 million no matter the currency, Million is a million, and count… heh just kidding 

High level analysis

With Rita Pivoriunaite we made a breakdown of the tournament and exchanged views. She told me that her fellow students had seen the opening ceremony and were impressed so much because they had never seen such a thing in non Olympic sport!  Rita, thank you for the conversation, and I can not wait to see you again :)

Gábor Rózsa 

One Saturday’s news saddened me. This tournament was the last race of Rózsa Gábor – Champion with big heard, technical athlete, attractive, uniquely calm and good man. Modest and patient. Gabor, thank you for the pleasure of watching you. You will miss the tatami, but I believe we will see each other around the tatami. OSU! Forever!

And I did not give up the idea of an interview! Please (angel emoticon)

Congratulations to all: the medalists and their coaches, all the participants and the team involved in the championship! You are unique! Let’s do it again in 2 years.

I’m so happy to meet all my friends – old and naturally there were many new ones. There were also many gifts. I gave presents and received gifts… even gold medal. Madness, дорогие друзья, madness;) Thank you! OSU!

In short: excellent organization, everything was on a very high level. The bar is lifted up and something very big in the program will needed to overtake KWUCHAMP Ekaterinburg 2017!

and this is… thank you for reading, @nadin4e