Summer, sun, camps and friends. That’s all in few words.

My summer was a real Kyokushin summer with 4 international camps.

Here is a short recap of each camp. There will be more video updates soon ;)

The most popular and biggest martial arts camps EVER! The 12th KWU International Summer camp 2018 was held on 1-8 July 2018 in beautiful Bulgarian sea side – Kamchia. Over 1400 martial artists took part in the training sessions of Kyokushin karate, Yaido, Kick boxing.

All were divided into groups and had the unique opportunity to train with world kyokushin stars: Zahari Damyanov, Sergey Plekhanov, Alexandr Pichkunov – 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the world open championships at different years. There was more and more famous and quality Shihans and Senseis. We had very good weather and learned a lot. Looking forward for the next year…

I would like to thank the organizers, Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation and KWU, for having the full freedom of action and having a lot of fun. Osu!

See the scale of the camp in this uniquely beautiful video made by RUMA Media team

Barcelona and Kyokushin Fighting camp aka Tineo Camp. 3 days with tough kumite and a lot of pain, sweet and some tears ;)

I am sure that 90% of the 280 karatekas made about 200 fights on this camp, which was the goal. With instructors like Sensei Jonathan Tineo Chica, Shihan Koen Spitaels and Sensei Valeri Dimitrov, the training was at a very high level! I saw such sparring that I just dreamed of seeing live. Fights, fun and fiesta – for me it was real Kyokushin heaven. Special thanks to my roommates, real Kyokushin women and fighters! Cheese, girls ;) And thank you, Sensei Jonathan for this weekend, it was unforgettable! We are better together! Osu!

Feel the atmosphere with this video!

WKB Skadovsk camp 2018 was surprise. Just one week after Tineo Camp I traveled to Ukraine for the first time in my life, and I was very emotional, and my kyokushin soul was back in paradise. 6 days of absolutely harsh kyokushin training under the fiery sun at 30-35 degrees, and perhaps more. I had not seen such a strong bond for a long time between Shihans, Senseis and their students. The attitude among all was at a level of respect, support and consensus. Shihan Sergey Vsevolodov with his inexhaustible imagination can be called the “creator of champions.” All training sessions were connected to each other. Each detail was upgraded and further developed into combat.

The Dan’s Exam… you have not seen such a thing! I will only say that after Sensei Igor Docenko last 50th fight for 4.Dan I had tears in my eyes – this real Kyokushin spirit is alive and we can be proud. Osu!

Huge Thank you to Shihan Vsevolodov, Roman and all Ukrainian WKB organization for this opportunity, to be part of your camp and family! Osu!

Kyokushin Karate News – 極真空手 ニュース official Facebook page uploaded a lot of videos during the camp, you can see it HERE

And now my last summer Kyokushin adventure… Annual  EMAR Summer camp Sandanski, Bulgaria!

Elite Martial Arts Richmond organized for 8 consecutive years its camp in Bulgaria, in the hometown of Senpai Simeon Kyurkchiev – Sandanski. 

Surely, many of you have seen the EMAR dojo videos or follow their profiles on social networks. These fan-count profiles ranks among the top 5 dojos with the most fans and reached people, in my humble opinion (I repeat: DOJO, not Organizations). Senpai Simeon and his karatekas are popular and there is why. With these training sessions, really hard and heavy, the preparation of a fighter is a quality one. We will see them and we will hear about them more and more. 

During the camp there were many hard training sessions: morning cross-country run, “light” training on the stairs in the city park, circuit training session, Kyokushin training with Senpai Dimitar Stoyanov (the first coach of Senpai Simeon), MMA sparring sessions and training with one of the champions and one of the best coaches in MMA in Bulgaria – Kiril Handjiiski and Be Real MMA club. We were blessed with nice summer hot weather: we rested by the pool with mineral water at Park Hotel Pirin, we were recovering in the mud baths near Melnik, feeling the power of Rupite and Baba Vanga (RIP), drinking a glass of wine in the oldest cellar in Europe… yes, besides heavy training there was and a good rest.

A challenge for the spirit and body was the climbing of  Vihren Peak (2914) in Pirin  massive – one of the most difficult to climb peaks in Europe. Some succeeded, others gave up … but there will always next time! I promise!

Thank you Senpai Simeon for this camp! The camp is unique, the way you are! Osu!

That was my summer … summer full of many emotions and unforgettable experiences – cliché, but it’s true.

With a hand to my heart, I recommend each of these summer camps because it is the best that a karateka can find in preparation for the next autumn tournaments season. If you want information, PM me.

Thanks again to all Shihans, Senseis, Senpais, all new and old friends for the great summer. Also Big Thank to my family for the patience.

And now…Thank you for reading