Let’s work Together!

Lets work Together! is a motto of the 2nd European Full contact karate camp which will be held on May 30 – June 1st and 2nd, 2019 on beautiful Lake Bütgenbach in Belgium.

Dear Fullcontact Karate Friends,
We’re very happy to invite you to the 2nd European Fullcontact Karate Camp 2019. Participants from all organizations are welcome, starting from the age of 12. The camp is a collaboration between all Fullcontact Karate Organizations and styles to give our students the chance to train to each other and to enjoy the power of unification, Osu!

Shihan Adimir Da Costa – Seiwakai President – Brasil
Shihan Semmy Schilt – World Champion Grand Prix K1 – Netherlands
Shihan Yazukasu Koi – WKO secretary
Senpai Tsuyoshi Midori – WKO World champion – Japan
Shihan David Picktall – IFK Vice President – GB
Shihan Koen Scharrenberg – President of the EKO Shinkyokushin
Sensei Valeri Dimitrov – World Champion – Bulgaria
Sensei Dimitri Saveljev – KWU/IFK – World Champion – Russia
Sensei Diana Maciute – WKO – World champion – Lithuania
Sensei Jonathan Tineo – Rengokai – World Champion – Spain
Sensei Muzaffer Bacak – WKO – Vice World Champion – Germany
Shihan Jesus Talan – Spain, Shihan Jan Bulow – Denmark, Shihan Remigiusz Karpinsky – Poland and more interesting names…

Watch some interesting videos of special guests in #EFKOcamp2019 and fill your application for participation HERE:

Shihan Ademir da Costa

Shihan Semmy Schilt

Shihan David Pickthall

Shihan Koen Scharrenberg

Shihan Koi Yasukazu

Sensei Jonathan Tineo Chica

Sensei Diana Maciute

Sensei Muzaffer Bacak

Sensei Valeri Dimitrov

Sensei Dmitry Savelyev

Don’t forget to bring…
2 dogi – Shin/hand protection; Track suit Running shoes (outside); Towels for and Swimming gear; Sun protection, be prepared for the weather (cold/hot)

Never give up Sayonara Party
Those who were already on the Sayonara  party now that the Belgians are a little bit crazy and that the party’s always are big fun. Saturday evening we start at 21.00hr. PARTY outfit Black – white – red ☺

Grading: only for WKO members
There will be the possibility to do an official EKO grading for shodan/nidan/sandan and Yondan All participants need to send the grading permission signed by your Branch chief to shihan Jesus Talan: shihan@shihanjesustalan.es

Organizer & legal considerations
The 2nd European Fullcontact Karate Camp 2019 is organized on behalf of the European Fullcontact Karate Organization with help of the Belgian Karate Organization Shinkyokushin All info or questions can be send to Sensei Michiel Vleminckx who will be glad to answer
them: michielvleminckx@hotmail.com

Participants have to organize their own insurance. The organizer will reject any responsibility in case of injury or theft. Participants under the age of sixteen should obtain “acceptance for participation” from their parents or legal guardian. Please have this with you at the beginning of the camp ,or send this in advance to michielvleminckx@hotmail.com

The website for information and reservation: http://www.karate-camp.be  Click on Reservation and fill in the form. You will receive an confirmation via email. The registration will only be done if we got the total payment.

Important! A free cancellation has to be notified 20 days before the Camp (ultimate day is May 10-2019) After this date up to May 28th May the cancel prices is 70€. After May 28 there is no restitution. Due to obligations to the Organizer, these rules will be strictly handled.

Early booking will end on March 10th so be aware that the payments has to be done before that date. Be aware of the fact that we will handle the principle first pay, first serve! If possible, please combine all registrations per dojo. You can find al payment procedures on
the website. Please fill in your T-shirt size correctly.

Invitation and full information:

👉 EFKO_Camp_2019

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