For me it is not new news, but for many people it will be straight shock.

One of the most famous Shihan, Vice-Chairman (Fuku-Kancho) of Kyokushin-kan, Hiroshige Tsuyoshi, one of the engines of Kyokushin-kan is no longer part of the organization! Now he is a part of new Kyokushin org: Kyokushin Budo Karate Organization (KBKO)

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A little history: In June of 1978, Hiroshige founded the Jonan Branch of Mas Oyama’s Kyokushinkaikan in Tokyo, and there, due to his original teaching style, emphasis on hard training, and special attention paid to special characteristics of each potential fighter, he made three successive world champions, Midori Kenji in 1991, Yamaki Kenji in 1995 and Tsukamoto Norichika in 1999. Since the World Tournament was only held once every four years, this means that Hiroshige’s students remained world champions for 12 years. Additionally, Hiroshige made All-Japan champions, Kazumi Hajime and Takaku Masayoshi. In December of 2002, Hiroshige left Kyokushinkaikan, and founded Kyokushin-kan together with Royama Hatsuo. Now he left KI.

The letter below to see some of the famous karatekas have also left. Masahiro Kaneko, brothers Masaki and Yusuke Fuji, Hitokazu Koga and many more.

This is sad news in my opinion! Very sad, not because of KI, but because of all Kyokushin. Тhe bosses of all organizations should work towards understanding and work together for a prosperous future of martial arts, to train young people and in the name of the future to mitigate your ego. 

Here is the letter on English:

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And here are letters on Japanese, English: