Karate quotes of the week

Sensei Valeri Dimitrov says:



*To accept karate not as a sport, but as an art, only in this way you can train it your whole life.

*Expectations lead to disappointments, so I don’t have any. To make the best possible training and to give the utmost. Result is not the most important thing, important is the way in which you have achieved it.

*My biggest opponent – that’s me.


*I strive to improve myself and with the help of karate to understand myself and others around me. What am I? My psyche, my body, my spirit. During training with others, I want to share my experience. Incentive to work on themselves to remember something old and forgotten and become more pronounced the understanding of the new.

*Karate is something unique which gives people the chance to discover and express who they are no matter their physical data, and I am one lucky man who chose Karate.


What advice would you give to young people who for the first time will participate in the World Championship?
– To enjoy the moment of one hundred percent.