Romanian International Cup

Dear Presidents, Country Representatives, WKO Branch Chiefs, National Coaches

Dear Shihan, Sensei, Senpai, Dojo Leader and Karateka

On behalf of Romanian Kyokushin Karate Federation and Sports Club ROKAN SIBIU we are very honored and proud to invite you to the


Sibiu, 28th of September 2019

Place: TRANSILVANIA Sports Hall – Sibiu
Address: Octavian Goga Street, no. 1, Sibiu, 550370
This tournament is open for all full-contact karate organizations and works under the guiding of the “World Full-contact Karate Organization”.
We are sure that the feeling of belonging to one big family of all karateka, combined with the “Never Give Up” spirit, will deliver a successful event, giving full-contact karate the deserved attention. We are honored to welcome Europe’s finest competitors and the world together with you. Friendships will be strengthened and will unify our Full-contact Karate community.

Together we will stand strong!

Competition events and age groups:
Kyokushin Kumite: U-12, U-14, U-16, U-18, Adults Open & Masters(+40)
Kata: U-16, U-18, Adults & Masters(+40)

Number of participants: Every dojo can enter 2 competitors in each category.

Registrations were officially opened on April 1nd 2019. More details and registration forms will be available at

Deadline for national teams, officials, referees and others is September 2st, 2019.

After this date no applications or cancellations will be accepted. Registrations can only be
accepted when all required documents and payments have been received and processed on time.
More details will be provided after registration.

Your contact for the tournament:
Mobile phone: 0040 788 330 096

Facebook Group: Romanian International Cup