My second karate weekend

After the European Championships in Sofia, I was in Varna for the World Youth championship.

Weather in Varna was nice and we all had the opportunity for short walks and some senseis even bathed in a hot mineral water spring and then immediately into the cold waters of the Black Sea. But because they are senseis from Russia, for me it was almost normal that their action.

Organizing such a big event with over the 1,000 guests from around the world it was a little madness. There are always setbacks, surprises and dissapointment. It’s part of the whole process.

Our “super” team was online – Andrey Kurtiy and myself. The organizers gave us access to the video, which was broadcast on the website of the Bulgarian Federation (BKKF), and the website of the Kyokushin World Union (KWU). Our super team took a lot photos and broadcast live video on Facebook, and we did what we were there to do, and even more. You will see more of our work very soon on the organization’s website and of course. During the competition I read some comments about live streaming on websites and it was not nice comments. Osu! Some things might not be in Super HD or from the exact angle, or as you imagine it, but viewers should appreciate the hard work of and not be disappointed. If you want to see everything, next time go to watch the competition in Sports Hall in person. img_5071

There are a few things that caught my eye…The hall was wonderful. I remember this hall from many years when we were there for kyokushin competitions and summer camps lead by our founder of Kyokushin in Bulgaria, Sensei Konstantin Bojilov. Memories from last century…

First… I think next time the competition should be 3 days. So there will be more fun in the entertainment program, which has been on the second day, and will not be just 20 pipes of the promised 100. I personally expected the hall to explode during their performance, but 20 pipes is not enough.

Internet connection had highs and lows, but I’m not in Sofia after all, and still I have perfect mobile 4G, and so everything was fine. You must have an Internet connection that is only for the organizers and workers during the competition, as it was in Serbia on the KWU European championship last summer. However, Internet problems are as to be expected.

And yet, I can not understand why in the 21st century you lead the competition on paper, when you can get a perfect programs specifically designed for Kyokushin competitions. This leading on paper was difficult for me, but finally I was ready with results. Really helped me that the girls led completion, and I thank them for that. Osu! All is good, that ends good! As I wrote: less disappointment, more fun. There were a few of the little things that impressed me.

img_5123They were a wonderful five days, saw friends, saw the sea and enjoyed a lot. And I was almost ready to forgot the grief that someone stole the KWU mascot Khabrick from media table! I wish happiness with him, and I hope Khabrick to be well in his new home.

I thank the organizers for inviting me, and thank to Mr. Sergey Suvorov, who told me good news, and of course, thanks to my mate in crime, colleague and friend Andrey Kurtiy. OSU!! See you soon. 

For my readers… thanks for sharing and expect more asap.

xo from nadin4e a.k.a super Nadia ;)