Sensei Jonathan Tineo returned the black belt to Shihan Jose Maria Gomez

The story of that black belt…

On the last day of the Kumite Summer Camp in Barcelona, ​​after the end of the 51st fight, at the closing ceremony of the camp, Sensei Jonathan Tineo, the organizer of the camp, in front of 280 fighters from around the world, announced the end of his fighting career.

Sensei Jonathan not only promulgated his decision, but also returned the fighting black belt to the Shihan Jose Maria Gomez.

Shihan Jose Maria Gomez  in 1991 became the first Spanish Champion of Europe in Kyokushin. He is respected of all branches of in Spain, as a pioneer and as a worthy person.

22 years ago, when Sensei Jonathan Tineo was ready to leave karate, Shihan Gomez gave him his fighting black belt, with which he won the European Championship, with instruction and a request to continue his journey in Kyokushin.

Sensei Jonathan Tineo could adequately continue the fighting path of his friend and mentor, knowingly the Spanish press gave him the nickname “Messi in Karate”, and serious medals and cups adorn the walls of his house and dojo.

But time takes its own – there is time to fight, and there is time to educate fighters. Sensei Jonathan Tineo made his choice, he will no longer come out on a big tatami as a fighter.

That is why, in the face of his friends and associates from different countries, he returned the fighting black belt to his master Shihan Jose Maria Gomez, thanks to whom 22 years ago he remained in karate and became what he now is.

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