Sensei Valeri Dimitrov RECORD

valeri dimitrov

A phenomenon in karate, which we have been watching for years, Sensei Valeri Dimitrov categorically proves how crazy and extravagant he is in Kyokushin and sport.

There is no one with so many achievements and tournaments behind. There is no one and soon there will be no one in karate! Not to mention the sport in Bulgaria as a whole. See the screenshots from

Here are 14 titles, a one 2nd place and one 3rd, which is due to injury after winning a quarterfinal against Brian Jacobsen. After the 2nd place in 2003, where he lost to Muzzafer Bacak in the final, he has not be defeated on the European Championship.

Plus that 14 titles in weight categories, Sensei Valeri has 3 more but in Open weight (without categories) – 2002 in Budapest, Hungary, as on his way to the final he defeated convincingly 5 opponents. The hardest for him is the second round, where he faced the giant from Lithuania, Donatas Imbras. After 10 years, in 2012 in Kielce, Poland, EKO revives the tournaments in an open category and just like that with finesse, Valeri is again at the top of Europe, on the final defeated Jimmie Collin. In 2014 in Kaunas, Lithuania, he became again on 1st place and on all his fights he met Lithuanian fighters, each bent to beat him. In conclusion, now in May 2018 he became for 17th time European champion! 

And before you watch the videos below…I will just put rest of his record here:

  • 5th World Cup 2013 (WKO) – 1st Place (Defeated Lukas Kubilius)
  • 4rd World Cup 2009 (WKO) – 1st Place (Defeated Norichika Tsukamoto)
  • 3rd World Cup 2005 (WKO) – 1st Place (Defeated Alexei Leonov)


  • 11th World Open Tournament 2015 (WKO) – Last 16 (Lost to Shota Maeda)
  • 10th World Open Tournament 2011 (WKO) – Last 16 – (Lost on boards)
  • 9th World Open Tournament 2007 (WKO) – 3rd Place (Lost to Takayuki Tsukakoshi/Defeated Roman Nesterenko)
  • 8th World Open Tournament 2003 (WKO) – 4th Place (Lost to Yuichiro Osaka/Lost to Takayuki Tsukakoshi)


  • Hungarian Mas Oyama Memorial Cup 2014 – 1st Place LHW (Defeated Kazuhito Yamada)

Surely you’re dizzy from so much statistics… the end is near because I will not miss to congratulate the whole Bulgarian team for the beautiful Kyokushin and despite the “blue” obstacles I am sure that they will continue with pride to train and present Bulgaria and karate around the world. Osu!

Here are some not so old and gold videos with Sensei Valeri’s fights:

Thanks for reading…