Independent website Kyokushin Results published its list of the best European Kyokushin fighters for 2018.

Is not surprise that Sensei Valeri Dimitrov is on top in Heavy weight. This is another record in his fighting career: 8 times as number 1 in Europe by Kyokushin Results ranking since 1997, the year Valeri Dimitrov started competing in Bulgaria and after that in 2001 on European Championships (WKO) became on 1st Place in MW (Defeated F. Carpena)… the rest is history.

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First Bulgarian Woman Absolute champion in Kyokushin karate, Ivanka Deleva deservedly ranks First in heavyweight women division. Congratulations!

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More statistics:

Top 4 Male for the last 21 years

Valeri Dimitrov (BULGARIA) – 8 times on top
Alejandro Navarro (SPAIN) – 6 times on top
Zahari Damyanov (BULGARIA) – 6 times on top
Gabor Rosza (HUNGARY) – 5 times on top

Top 3 Female for the last 10 years

Inga Mikstaite (LITHUANIA) – 6 times on top
Szepesi Csenge (HUNGARY) – 5 times on top
Agnieszka Sypien (POLAND) – 4 times on top