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Interview with World Champion Szepesi Csenge

Szepesi Csenge became World Champion at the 11th World Karate Championships (WKO), which was held from October 31st, to November 1st, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. You won World Championships in Japan. How difficult was your way to the victory? I had a really difficult draw, with 4 Japanese and 1 Lithuanian fighter. But as I […]

“Because it’s 2015″*

Please do not take this as a feminist speech! Read words as they are. Recent months have been filled with so much emotion around large international tournaments. The Kyokushin Women page paid attention to a difference in the size of the trophy for men and women. This has been the way for a long time, but recently the new […]

The 11 World karate championship – Results

4 Europeans are on top of the World, and the new Queen of tatami  – Csenge Szepesi. I knew this  will happen one day, I always believed in her because is not secret she is my favorite female fighter from few years. Her winning was the best part of my day. Women’s division: 1. Csenge Szepesi (Hungary) […]

Българските бойци на 11-я световен карате шампионат

На 31-ви Октомври и 1-ви Ноември в Токио, Япония е 11-то Световно карате първенство (без категории) където ще имаме силно българско присъствие. Ето и нашите бойци: Валери Димитров (в жребия под номер 1) Сенсей Валери е 15 пъти Европейски шампион – 12 по категории и 3 в абсолютна (без категории). През 2013 след Световната купа, […]

KWU on the 11th World Karate championship

On the 4th of October, 2015 in Khabarovsk, Russia KWU & WKO signed an Agreement of cooperation and the first result of this alliance was witnessed at the 2nd KWUchamp. Now we will watch the biggest championship in the Open category (without category), which is held every 4 years since 1975 – The 11th World karate championship October 31 – […]

World Open Tournaments 1996 – 2011

The 11th World Karate championship is very soon and we’re all feeling the heat! As usual there will be online broadcasting and everyone can enjoy watching the best of the best from the past 4 years.  Here is a collection of pictures I put together, with some videos and results from the very beginning of World Open tournaments. […]