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Golden years of Bulgarian Kyokushin

Old videos from Bulgarian Kyokushin, when we all were one, when we were together and we were more strong! I hope one day we will be together again on National championships. Osu! National championship for juniors and women – Yambol 1997 Final Dragostin Valkanov vs. Georgi Ovcharov Stiliqn Petrov vs Galin Panayotov And one fight from […]

My second karate weekend

After the European Championships in Sofia, I was in Varna for the World Youth championship. Weather in Varna was nice and we all had the opportunity for short walks and some senseis even bathed in a hot mineral water spring and then immediately into the cold waters of the Black Sea. But because they are […]

EC 2016 Finals men and women open categories (video)

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Results: 1. Eventas Guzauskas (Lithuania) 2. Vasil Vangelov (Bulgaria) 3. Edgard Secinski (Lithuania) 3. Marek Wolny (Poland) 1. Inga Mikstaite (Lithuania) 2. Marta Lubos (Poland) 3. Gabija Gudeliauskaite (Lithuania) 3. Agata Winiarska (Poland)

EC for Cadets U16, Youths U22 and Adults Open Category – RESULTS

It was two crazy days at my hometown and capital of Bulgaria – Sofia. First day was really crazy – so many cadets, so many fights… and there no online broadcasting as organizers promised. With sad news starts second day: still no online broadcasting and an old injury of Sensei Valeri Dimitrov stops him for […]

How to watch online EC Sofia 2016

It’s confirmed that the European championship for cadets, men and women U22 and men and women in open category will be broadcast online! Here are links to YouTube channel of championship. You can watch ONLY in YouTube – videos playback can only be done through YouTube Kumite Cadets U16 The European Championships for Cadets is the first and […]