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Bulgarian National Shinkyokushin championship 2015 (update)

Pictures here Results: Kata Men 1. Lachezar Dimitrov -Burgas – Burgas Dojo SC 2. Ivan Iliev -Dimitrovgrad – SK Kyokushin 3. Alexander Tatevosyan -Dimitrovgrad – SK Kyokushin Kata Women 1. Tsveta Ignatova – Sofia – KC Kanku-Kai 2. Michaela Nikova – Sofia – SC Fighters NSA 3. Atanaska Andonova – Asenovgrad – SC Hammon 3. Ivanka Ilieva […]

Euro Karate Champs in Poland going on next level – app for Android OS and iOS

Next level mean with communications with fans and participants. Polish organizers of European championship 2015  created mobile application and this is for first time that karate championship will be use that kind of comunication with people. For now app is only for Android OS. Here is link to Google play Here is link to Apple store (Free)

Quotes of the week

Valeri Sensei’s words from last interview Karate is a martial art that can be practiced a lifetime. Karate develop physical skills, but also makes us look inside ourselves to find ourselves. And get to know ourself a little bit, we begin to understand other people. Young people are less involved in sport. Proof is the […]

Valeri Dimitrov’s technics

Look what I found ヴァレリーキック (下段カカト蹴り) Vareri kikku (gedan kakato geri) “Valeri” kick (axe kick to front thigh of opponent) ヴァレリキック → 左下突き Vareri kikku → hidari shita zuki “Valeri” kick → left body shot ヴァレリキック → 右下突き Vareri kikku → migi shita zuki “Valeri” kick → right body shot 下突き → 後ろ回し蹴り Shita zuki […]

Swiss-Open 2015

Message from Shihan Peter Steinmann Osu! Dear Presidents, Country Representatives, WKO Branch Chiefs, National Coaches Dear Shihan, Sensei, Senpai, Dojo Leaders and Karatekas, On behalf of Swiss Shinkyokushin Association, we are very honoured and proud to invite you to the Shinkyokushin Swiss-Open Tournament for Juniors 2015.  The Shinkyokushin Swiss-Open will take place on Saturday, May 2nd in the […]