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Some words from Tsukamoto Sensei 塚本徳臣

When we reflect and fell down, the clouds around our hearts disappear. When we trained too much and are in pain, we discover new techniques. When we have muscle pain, our muscles are becoming bigger. When ever we are growing, we are hurting in many ways. But it’s because we are hurting and suffering that […]

European Shinkyokushin Karate Championships – UPDATE

There will be online broadcasting: eurokaratechamps.eu/live/ Please Like and Share Facebook page: Eurokaratechamps The great Olympic dream The organizers of the 2015 European Shinkyokushin Karate Championships are members of the World Karate Organization (WKO). For many years, the WKO has been making strenuous efforts to include full contact karate as an olympic sport for the first time […]