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The 1st All-Style Karate World Championship, Moscow 2019

From November 21 to November 25, 2019, in Moscow, Russia for the first time in Martial arts history will be held The 1st All-Style karate World championship! Competitions will be held in the CSKA Athletics Complex. The participation of athletes from more than 40 countries is planned to be a part of this huge event. […]

Tineo Camp 2019 – bigger and stronger

Anyone who has been at least once in the last 9 years at the Tineo camp knows how intense and absolutely amazing is this camp. This 2019 Sensei Jonathan will meet us with two outstanding instructors – Shihan David Pickthall – charismatic and with excellent knowledge of warriors around the world and a man who […]

European Karate Championship 2019 Prague – RESULTS

European Karate Championship for Cadets, Juniors, Youths, and Adult Women Open weight was held on 28-29 June 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic For Adult Women Open weight class was the qualification for the 12th World Championship which will be held on 9-10 November 2019 in Tokio, Japan and it’s the most important and interesting full […]

Why KWUCAMP is the best martial arts camp ever?

If you missed the news about the biggest camp in the martial arts in the solar system, so you do not have Internet. And why this camp is the best? The camp is unique not only because of the number of participants, which are increasing every year but also because of the people themselves. World […]

Seiken Junior Open Cup 2019

Date: October 25, 2019 – October 27, 2019 Place: Moscow, Moscow Centre of Martial Arts, Varshavskoe Shosse, 118, korpus 1. Organizers of the tournament Kyokushin Karate Federation of Russia &  Sports Club SEIKEN Kyokushinkai Karate-Do Organizing Committee Head of the Organizing Committee – Khripunova Anastasia, Assistant of the Head of the Organizing Committee – Ivanova […]

The 2nd EFKO camp in Belgium – report from Shihan Koen Spitaels

Shihan Koen Spitaels shared his thoughts and gratitude to all. The 2nd EFKO camp in Bütgenbach Belgium became an enormous success for the new “Let’s work together” movement “European Fullcontact Karate Organization”. We are so proud that each of us can be a part of this family to share our Budo and Fullcontact karate passion. […]