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IFK Kyokushin European Open Championship 2018

IFK Kyokushin European Open Championship 2018

OFFICIAL INFORMATION LETTER IFK Kyokushin European Open Championship among children, girls, youths and juniors, men and women in weight categories Date: 7-8 April, 2018 Place: Armenia, Yerevan, “MIKA” sports complex, str. Manandyan , 41 building Organizer: Ministry of sport and youth affairs of the Republic of Armenia and Armenian Kyokushin karate federation Principal Judge: Alex […]

European Championships 2017 – Kata Results

European Championship 2017-04-08, Roskilde Adults Men KATA 1. Konrad Kozubowski – Poland 2. Filip Szeller – Poland 3. Oleg Korol – Ukraine 3. Tóth Attila – Hungary Adults Women KATA 1. An Driesens – Belgium 2. Nataliia Kochetkova – Ukraine 3. Diana Mačiūtė – Lithuania 3. Alicia Edin – Sweden Juniors Boys KATA 1. Yaroslav […]

How Martial Arts Can Reduce Work-Related Stress

Work-related stress has unfortunately become a norm for many people no matter where they are in the world. Limited resources, long hours, demanding deadlines, job insecurity, and interpersonal conflict can greatly affect one’s emotional and physical health. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, chronic stress can cause headaches, insomnia, and irritability. People under […]

Lithuanian Kyokushin National championship 2017 – results

Pictures by Algimantas Barzdžius Lithuanian National championship was held and here are results: Women -50 kg 1. Erika Žeburtovič („Osu“) 2. Viktorija Dambrauskaitė („Rifas“) 3. Daiva Kriščiūnienė („Saulės ženklas“) -55 kg 1. Rita Pivoriūnaitė („Saulės ženklas“) 2. Diana Mačiūtė („Okinava“) 3. Skaistė Venckutė („Shodan“) -60 kg 1. Rūta Brazdžionytė („Argus“) 2. Gabija Gudeliauskaitė („Rifas“) 3. Gintarė […]

Kyokushin Karate Training Methods

The etiquette and philosophical aspects of kyokushin help create a friendly atmosphere. Kyokushin is a style of karate that focuses on sparring. But don’t worry, you’ll ease into it as your skills develop. Training is tough but rewarding – not only do you get a great cardiovascular workout, but you’ll also develop self-esteem. Strength of […]