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European Championships 2017 – Kata Results

European Championship 2017-04-08, Roskilde Adults Men KATA 1. Konrad Kozubowski – Poland 2. Filip Szeller – Poland 3. Oleg Korol – Ukraine 3. Tóth Attila – Hungary Adults Women KATA 1. An Driesens – Belgium 2. Nataliia Kochetkova – Ukraine 3. Diana Mačiūtė – Lithuania 3. Alicia Edin – Sweden Juniors Boys KATA 1. Yaroslav […]

Pinan Sono Go and a some history of Kata

The word ‘Pinan’ historically has be been translated as ‘Peaceful Mind’ in Karate, but more recent research has confirmed the correct translation should be “Safe from Harm” Pinan (Heian) is written using two characters. The first character (平) is pronounced “ping” in Chinese Mandarin and the Okinawan dialect, and “hei” in Japanese. The character originates […]

Kyokushin Karate Training Methods

The etiquette and philosophical aspects of kyokushin help create a friendly atmosphere. Kyokushin is a style of karate that focuses on sparring. But don’t worry, you’ll ease into it as your skills develop. Training is tough but rewarding – not only do you get a great cardiovascular workout, but you’ll also develop self-esteem. Strength of […]


Ultimate truths for (almost) every martial artist: 1. You have been so nervous before the fights that you couldn’t feel your arms. 2. You have also been so nervous that you seriously considered breaking your finger or leg on purpose to avoid competing. 3. Almost nothing can even compare with the feeling when you are standing […]