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Valeri Dimitrov vs. Donatas Imbras

Two of the best fighters in the world, teaching the new generation of Lithuanian fighters in 2007 Valeri Dimitrov and Donatas Imbras. This videos are 5 years after the European Openweight 2002. They’ve met only once on competitions tatami. Watch the video   Links: Valeri Dimitrov Sensei’s Facebook page Budora’s Facebook page


TimePRO.TV (Producer center “Time Production”), together with Peti Junior, IKO Sosai Hungary, IKOK Sosai Japan and personally Kikuko Kuristina Oyama and Kancho Yoshikazu Suzuki presented  «THE KYOKUSHIN WAY», in memory of the founder of Kyokushin Karate Sosai Mas Oyama. The shooting took place in Japan (Tokyo). In Mas Oyama dojo with the personal approval of the […]

Karate hopes to be added for 2020 Olympics

Karate hopes to join the Olympic program under new rules that allow host cities to propose adding sports. The sport, which has never been contested at the Olympics, eyes inclusion for the Tokyo 2020 Games. “Karate is a sport with Japanese roots,” World Karate Federation President Antonio Espinos said, according to The Associated Press. “Together […]

European Shinkyokushin Karate Championships – UPDATE

There will be online broadcasting: eurokaratechamps.eu/live/ Please Like and Share Facebook page: Eurokaratechamps The great Olympic dream The organizers of the 2015 European Shinkyokushin Karate Championships are members of the World Karate Organization (WKO). For many years, the WKO has been making strenuous efforts to include full contact karate as an olympic sport for the first time […]

Terziev dojos

Terziev dojo‘s of  WKO Branch chief Hristo Terziev 4th Dan “BUSHIDO” – Terziev dojo Shinkyokushinkai ( テルジエフ 道場 新極真会 ) Nessebar BURGAS DOJO SHINKYOKUSHINKAI Burgas Primorsko dojo Shinkyokushinkai Primorsko Sentoki dojo Shinkyokushinkai Obzor Shinkyokushin fighters NSA Sofia