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Quotes of the week

Need a little motivation? A bit of inspiration? Then read on! Because in this list, we’ve compiled the 100 greatest martial arts quotes of all time. And they’re not all Bruce Lee quotes, either! Yes, he had a lot of inspirational martial arts quotes – and a few are included in this list – but […]

Does tameshiwari make a difference to fighting technique?

Tameshiwari provides the karateka with a unique training opportunity. Written by Ashley Nicholls Tameshiwari. Each technique in karate, from the time it’s learnt to the time it is almost perfected, will require thousands of repetitions. But these repetitions are pointless if we don’t make use of impact training. Through impact training we are able to gauge, refine […]

Sosai Mas Oyama’s books quotes

Sosai Mas Oyama (The Kyokushin Way): In teaching karate, I have encountered all kinds of students with all kinds of personalities. Some have the makings of fine karate man. Other are lazy. In a short period of six months or a year, it is difficult to know the extent to wich people will develop. Some are […]


Belt and grading are a much debated topic in the world of martial arts Experienced practitioners may tell you to forget about the belt, that it’s more about the journey than the destination. And they’re quite possibly right…but easier said than done! On the other hand, the very same practitioners spend years working their way […]

Kyokushin Karate Training Methods

The etiquette and philosophical aspects of kyokushin help create a friendly atmosphere. Kyokushin is a style of karate that focuses on sparring. But don’t worry, you’ll ease into it as your skills develop. Training is tough but rewarding – not only do you get a great cardiovascular workout, but you’ll also develop self-esteem. Strength of […]