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What makes a good karate SENSEI?

A Sensei who is a good person will see the importance of this and help you in that endeavor through your training. A great Sensei should himself be skilled at the art. Both in his technical ability to perform and apply techniques and strategies, and in his understanding of the underlying principles and philosophies of […]

Sosai Mas Oyama’s books quotes

Sosai Mas Oyama (The Kyokushin Way): In teaching karate, I have encountered all kinds of students with all kinds of personalities. Some have the makings of fine karate man. Other are lazy. In a short period of six months or a year, it is difficult to know the extent to wich people will develop. Some are […]

Kyokushin Dojo Oath (English, Bulgarian and Japanese)

The Kyokushin dojo kun was written by Mas Oyama with the help of Eiji Yoshikawa, the author of Musashi, a book about the life and times of Japan’s greatest warrior, Miyamoto Musashi. The book provided much of Mas Oyama’s inspiration during his mountain training days. Saying the dojo kun can be difficult for those who […]

Kyokushin karate in Social networks

This is working kyokushin karate practices that I use every day for our karate pages/profiles/groups. What to post on yours: 1. Just action photos This is undoubtedly the most popular type of social media image. It’s relatively easy to take a picture with your smartphone and apps like Instagram make editing photos to an almost-professional looking standard easier than […]


TAMESHIWARI (breaking) cannot be separated from Karate as a whole. When speaking of Karate, people generally associate Karate with Tameshiwari, believing that the value of Karate exists in Tameshi­wari skill and expertise. However, actually Karate’s true value exists in technique, the arts, and spirit, not in Tameshiwari. Breaking is only a part of Karate and […]

World Open Tournaments 1996 – 2011

The 11th World Karate championship is very soon and we’re all feeling the heat! As usual there will be online broadcasting and everyone can enjoy watching the best of the best from the past 4 years.  Here is a collection of pictures I put together, with some videos and results from the very beginning of World Open tournaments. […]