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Norichika Tsukamoto sensei & Alistair Overeem

Imagine Norichika Tsukamoto sensei and Alistair Overeem together… No, there is no words about fight between Norichika Tsukamoto sensei and Alistair Overeem! They just train together, but Sensei actually showed him some of his special training. Anyone who was in camp – seminar led by sensei knows these exercises. Here is a video and a long article on Japanese about the meeting of […]

6th World Open Tournament (video)

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Rare Old Video! 6th World Open Tournament February 1996, Tokyo, Japan 1. Norichika Tsukamoto JAPAN 2. Kunihiro Suzuki JAPAN 3. Kou Tanigawa JAPAN 4. Tsuyoshi Murase JAPAN 5. Akira Masuda JAPAN 6. Hiroyuki Miake JAPAN 7. Toru Okamoto JAPAN 8. Kouji Abiko JAPAN

EC Tbilisi 2016 pictures and videos

Kyokushin Karate Portal uploaded all their pictures from European Championship Tbilisi, Georgia 2016. 3 albums with more than 1600 photos by my friend Roman Odessky. Here you can check the results. Video playlist with 62 fights: Day 1 – Kata Juniors and Adults Day 1 – Kumite Juniors Day 2 – Kumite Adults Thank you, […]

European Fullcontact Karate Camp 2016 (pictures)

European Fullcontact Karate Camp (EFKC) 2016 was held on the beginning of June and as we all see it was fabulous, a lot of fun, great karate instructors, many champions and an opportunity to meet new and old friends from all around the world. If you missed, you will be regret after seeing pictures and […]

26th All Japan old new videos

1994 the 26th All Japan Open Championship. Many of the legendary profiles attended and fought each other on the tatami: Kenji Yamaki, Hiroki Kurosawa, Norchika Tsukamoto, Nicholas Pettas, Hajime Kazumi and more… Here is some new videos from  Kyokushin Karate Youtube channel. Big Thank you! Big Osu!! Norichika Tsukamoto VS Hiroyuki Mogi Kenji Yamaki VS Norichika Tsukamoto Norichika Tsukamoto VS Yasuhiro Shichinohe […]