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Quotes of the week

My inspiration this week came from Japan and Tsukamoto sensei Not to copy someone. But to create the karate only you can do. That feeling is important. And that way of thinking is fun. I’m grateful to train with my brothers in arms again this year in front of Sosai Oyama’s grave, under the encouragement from […]

Quotes of the week

Or “the 5 karate quotes your child should live by” Many people have the misconception that karate is all about punches and kicks, but did you know that there is a philosophy behind this martial arts form? While the physical aspect of karate can increase your child’s concentration and self control, the school of thought behind […]

Quotes of the Month

Usually I post my collages as “Quotes of the Week”, but not today! Today I want to share with you the words of Sensei Harris Wallmen – If you have never read his words, you are really missing something. If I call him “Wise”, he replies: “No, I’m stupid”. If I call him Sensei, he […]