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The 2nd KWU – The DRAW

On October, 3th-4th, 2015 the second KWU Kyokushin World Championship among men and women will be held in Khabarovsk. The second time in the history of this sport the strongest sportsmen of the planet, who represent the 10 largest international Kyokushin organizations, will be defined on one Tatami. 56 medals will be awarded in 14 weight […]

Quotes of the Month

Usually I post my collages as “Quotes of the Week”, but not today! Today I want to share with you the words of Sensei Harris Wallmen – If you have never read his words, you are really missing something. If I call him “Wise”, he replies: “No, I’m stupid”. If I call him Sensei, he […]

Bulgarian fighters on two World championships in 2015

Fighters from Federation Bulgarian karate Shinkyokushin will participate on two (2!) World championship this year – The 11th World Karate championship and The 2nd KWU World championship  The 11th World Karate championship will be held in Japan, Tokio Metropolitan Gymnasium on October 31 – November 1, 2015 Valeri Dimitrov Dimitar Trampov Vasil Vangelov Lachezar Dimitrov […]