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Andrey Materov Memorial – results and video

On March 18, 2017 at Sports home, Krasnoyarsk, Russia was held “Andrey Materov Memorial” Results for men and women divisions: Men -65 kg 1. Lesnikov Vyacheslav (Novokuznetsk) 2. Czech Vitaliy (Almaty) 3. Fefelov Vladislav (Novosibirsk) Men -75 kg 1. Fefelov Pavel (Novosibirsk) 2. Spiridonov Andrey (Novosibirsk) 3. Vlasov Stanislav (Novosibirsk) Men -85 kg 1. Semyonov […]

Las Vegas Summer Camp with one of the best fighters on the world

Las Vegas Shinkyokushinkai and Elite Martial Arts Dojo, Los Angeles present the 2017 Shinkyokushin Karate Summer Camp Featuring 3 times World Champion and 16 times Europen champion Sensei Valeri Dimitrov Bulgaria In the camp will attend also: Shihan Georgi Popov Bulgaria Sensei Luis Torregrosa Las Vegas Shinkyokushin dojo Sensei Ventsislav Sholin E.M.A. Dojo Los Angeles. … […]

5 Mistakes Made While Training in Martial Arts

Listen, we all make mistakes right? Well, I want to share some of the mistakes that I have made, and continue to make, while training martial arts in hopes that you, the reader, can avoid them yourself. Let’s get right in to it, shall we? MISTAKE #1: Not Drinking Enough Fluid If you were planning a […]


I found this article and because there is some mistake, I decided to copy on my blog, not to share from original website as is normal. Here is full text with little edit: Kenji Midori was born in April 18th 1962 in the city of Setenay in entrepreneurial family of Amami, Oshima island. He grew in […]


Stretching is the bridge between a sedentary and an active life The best martial artists all have something in common – they are insanely flexible and if you want to get the very best out of your training, this is something you will need to work on. Being rigid or inflexible and attempting a dramatic […]

Marks of a Martial Artist

17 marks of a martial artist. The martial arts are more than just the physical aspects. The mental aspects and way of life is just as crucial. Each one is different and holds special purpose and meaning.   1. Enthusiasm: A martial artist must be enthusiastic in order to achieve success. If someone doesn’t like what they […]