Russian stars to fight under SENSHI rules

One of the biggest fighting events in Russia will be conducted under the SENSHI rules. On November 1 at the “Luzhniki” Palace of Sport in Moscow, Russian fighting fans will be able to enjoy one of the top events of the year – “The Battle of Champions 11: School vs. School”. The fight night is […]

KWU offer huge prize fund for the World Championships

KWU posted Guidelines for participants at the 4th KWU World Championship which will be held on December 7-8, 2019, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. That guideline contains some very interesting information. Prize funds for the winners. $ 90 000 will be shared between 60 fighters – 36 male and 24 female winners in each category. There is no […]

Бойна карта на SENSHI

Изключително оспорвани и тежки битки, зрелищно шоу и много изненади очаква публиката в зала „Арена Армеец“ днес на второто издание на бойните гала вечери SENSHI. Специален гост на галата е кикбокс легендата Петер Артс, който дойде в България заедно с четиримата си най-добри бойци. Трима от тях ще мерят сили с български кикбоксьори. Билетите все […]

SENSHI live from Bulgaria

SENSHI from the Palace of Culture and Sports in Varna, Bulgaria. The first fight at SENSHI will be between the European Kyokushin champion Kristian Doichev and Kyokushin medalist and multiple boxing champion Stoyan Ilchev. They will fight the rules of the KWU International Professional League – full contact Kyokushin, including head punches. They will fight […]