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Quote of the week: Sensei Valeri says

Q: What do you think they named a kick with your name: “Valeri kick”? VD: All the techniques which I use, everything is from the arsenal of karate and all in the karate world knows it. Name of technique can be anyone – I am only one of the participants in karate. And here is […]

BG team for EC Georgia 2016

EC 2016 Adults: Violeta Litovska -50Kg Ivelina Petrova 50-55Kg Ivanka Deleva +60Kg Iliyan Hristozov -65Kg Georgi Lotarov -65Kg Hristo Aleksandrov 65-75Kg Antonio Bushev 65-75Kg Lachezar Dimitrov 65-75Kg Miroslav Milev 75-85Kg Valeri Dimitrov +85Kg Juniors: Iliana Aladzhova -50Kg Kristiyana Laleva 50-55Kg Aleksandar Kostadinov -60Kg Dzhaner Shyukri 60-65Kg Iliyan Yunakov 60-65Kg Preslav Nikolov 70-75Kg Hristo Karamfilov +80Kg […]


By Justin Dixon Respect can be a difficult thing to actually describe. If you take a literal interpretation it means to offer an individual, a place, or even a thing, a positive feeling of esteem or deference and then conveying this feeling in certain actions, words, or gestures. But where does it fit in on […]