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European Fullcontact Karate Camp 2016 (pictures)

European Fullcontact Karate Camp (EFKC) 2016 was held on the beginning of June and as we all see it was fabulous, a lot of fun, great karate instructors, many champions and an opportunity to meet new and old friends from all around the world. If you missed, you will be regret after seeing pictures and […]


Ultimate truths for (almost) every martial artist: 1. You have been so nervous before the fights that you couldn’t feel your arms. 2. You have also been so nervous that you seriously considered breaking your finger or leg on purpose to avoid competing. 3. Almost nothing can even compare with the feeling when you are standing […]

Pictures from the 1st EFKC 2016

The 1st EFKC 2016 – 1st European Fullcontact karate camp was held on 3-5 June, 2016 in Oostende, Belgium. Before to watch pictures, please read part of Shihan Koen Spitaels words: Dear friends, I want to share with you my impressions after the 1st EFKC 2016. I think that I can speak for everyone when I say that […]

European karate championship 2017 will be held in Denmark

Next European Championship Shinkyokushin (junior men and women in weight categories) are to look forward. Denmark will be the host of the EC 2017, and at the same time celebrate the 50 years anniversary of Kyokushin Karate. Denmark did also organize the EC in 2005 and in 1999. Website is ONLINE The greatest Kyokushin fighters […]

Quote of the week: Sensei Valeri says

Q: What do you think they named a kick with your name: “Valeri kick”? VD: All the techniques which I use, everything is from the arsenal of karate and all in the karate world knows it. Name of technique can be anyone – I am only one of the participants in karate. And here is […]