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International open tournament “Zhetysu Cup”

The Open tournament  «Zhetysu Cup»  ShinKyokushinkai among children, boys and girls will be held on the 27-28 of April 2019  at the The Palace of Sports”Zhastar”,  Taldykorgan city, Republic of Kazakhstan General management and organization of the tournament are carried out by Department physical culture and sport  in Almaty region , the administration  relies on […]

Baltic Cup 2019 – FIGHT for HOPE

Annual “Baltic Cup 2019 – FIGHT for HOPE” has a mission: fighting with oncological diseases and support St. Francis Oncology center! Each karateka, regardless of organization and country can participate! Each karateka aged 6 to 66+ years is welcome! See details and include this unique event in your club’s and your organization’s tournaments plan! For […]

Valeri Dimitrov’s seminars 2019

Fighting Seminar 10-12 May, 2019 Sofia, Bulgaria EVENT Info and registration: valeridimitrov.com/fighting-seminar European Fullcontact Karate Camp 31  May – 2 June, 2019 Belgium EVENT Info and Registration:  www.karate-camp.be Internationale seminar will be held 21-23 June, 2019 France EVENT Info and Registration: Seminaire National France Bulgarian Summer camp July 2019 (no official information)

Two major SHIN tournaments in Europe in 2019

Vilnius, Lithuania, April 13-14 European Karate Championship for Adults in weight categories 2019 European Karate Championship will take place in Vilnius “Siemens Arena” on 13-14 April. Both men and women will compete in 5 weight categories. KUMITE: women – up to 50, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65 and over 65 kg, men – up to 65, 65-75, 75-85, […]

Summary list of top European fighters for 2018

Independent website Kyokushin Results published its list of the best European Kyokushin fighters for 2018. Is not surprise that Sensei Valeri Dimitrov is on top in Heavy weight. This is another record in his fighting career: 8 times as number 1 in Europe by Kyokushin Results ranking since 1997, the year Valeri Dimitrov started competing in Bulgaria […]

Let’s work Together!

Lets work Together! is a motto of the 2nd European Full contact karate camp which will be held on May 30 – June 1st and 2nd, 2019 on beautiful Lake Bütgenbach in Belgium. Dear Fullcontact Karate Friends, We’re very happy to invite you to the 2nd European Fullcontact Karate Camp 2019. Participants from all organizations are […]