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Does tameshiwari make a difference to fighting technique?

Tameshiwari provides the karateka with a unique training opportunity. Written by Ashley Nicholls Tameshiwari. Each technique in karate, from the time it’s learnt to the time it is almost perfected, will require thousands of repetitions. But these repetitions are pointless if we don’t make use of impact training. Through impact training we are able to gauge, refine […]


TAMESHIWARI (breaking) cannot be separated from Karate as a whole. When speaking of Karate, people generally associate Karate with Tameshiwari, believing that the value of Karate exists in Tameshi­wari skill and expertise. However, actually Karate’s true value exists in technique, the arts, and spirit, not in Tameshiwari. Breaking is only a part of Karate and […]