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Should You Be Practicing Right Now?

Everybody knows that practice makes perfect, or rather that perfect practice makes perfect. Once you have adopted the four essential elements of deliberate practice, you have taken your first steps towards the wildest levels of success you can imagine… as long as you practice. If you are a strive, then, the question you’ll always be […]

Improve your flexibility and mobility

Have you ever wondered how to improve your flexibility and mobility? Even if you don’t consider yourself flexible, daily stretches can help you to kick higher. Muscle flexibility is the ability of a muscle to lengthen and allow joints to move through a range of motion. There is some debate about the effectiveness of stretching, […]

Промо видео на 2-я KWU световен шампионат

С няколко дни закъснение от обещания срок KWU пуснаха дългоочакваното промо видео на Световното. Защо дългоочаквано? Защото екипа, който го е създал е известен в Русия и на каратеките по света с перфектната си работа по карате клипове. И това е една от причините да бъде нает да свърши тази тежка и отговорна работа. Самото видео […]

European Shinkyokushin karate championship – promo video

European Shinkyokushin karate championship for Juniors and Adults will be held on 17 – 18 April 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. Everything about the tournament you can follow of the application  for mobile phones. Watch the official promo video and Subscribe official video chanel in YouTube

Bulgarian National Shinkyokushin championship 2015 (update)

Pictures here Results: Kata Men 1. Lachezar Dimitrov -Burgas – Burgas Dojo SC 2. Ivan Iliev -Dimitrovgrad – SK Kyokushin 3. Alexander Tatevosyan -Dimitrovgrad – SK Kyokushin Kata Women 1. Tsveta Ignatova – Sofia – KC Kanku-Kai 2. Michaela Nikova – Sofia – SC Fighters NSA 3. Atanaska Andonova – Asenovgrad – SC Hammon 3. Ivanka Ilieva […]