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Seiken Open Cup 2019 – Final Results

Seiken Junion Open Cup 2019 was held on October 26-27, Moscow Center of Martial Arts. Here are Kumite results (Kata results here) Boys 10-11 years old -30 1st place Shmelev Dmitry (Moscow) 2nd place Korotkov Danil (Rostov region) 3rd place Gridunov Ilya (Moscow) Boys 10-11 -35 1st place Galeev Matvey (Kemerovo region) 2nd place Pochuev […]

Seiken Cup 2019 – finals and fights for 3rd places

Live Streaming HERE BOYS 12-13 -35 The final Minishev Stepan (Kemerovo region) Kapas Nurlan (Kazakhstan) 3rd place Anikin Nikita (Nizhny Novgorod) Baryshnikov Egor (Saratov region) BOYS 12-13 -40 Khakimov Magomed-Amy (Chechnya) Ilyasov Rakhim (Chechnya) 3rd place Gusar George (Belarus) Ganzha Vadim (Krasnodarsky krai) BOYS 12-13 -45 Sharikov Andrey (Kemerovo region) Fadeev Andrey (Samara region) 3rd […]

KWU offer huge prize fund for the World Championships

KWU posted Guidelines for participants at the 4th KWU World Championship which will be held on December 7-8, 2019, Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. That guideline contains some very interesting information. Prize funds for the winners. $ 90 000 will be shared between 60 fighters – 36 male and 24 female winners in each category. There is no […]

The 1st European Fullcontact Karate Championship 2020

Dear Presidents, Country Representatives, WKO Branch Chiefs, National Coaches Dear Shihan, Sensei, Senpai, Dojo Leaders and Karateka’s On behalf of The EFKO European Fullcontact Karate Organization, we are very honored and proud to invite you to the “The 1st European Fullcontact Karate Championship” Selection Championship for “The 1st World Fullcontact Karate Championship” In Japan – Osaka May 2020 […]

Kokoro Cup 2019

KOKORO CUP is a series of galas during which the main attraction is the contact karate tournament in the Open Weight category. KOKORO CUP is the gala and the tournament of martial arts, create to bring the ideas of Karate Kyokushin to general public, which reach deep into the philosophy of fight to promote universal […]